Scented Soy Candles”

Frequently Asked Questions

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Soy Wax Candle Burning Problems

Problems Causes Solutions

My poured molded soy candles splatter while burning.

When the soy wax is cooling air pockets can form in the heat, later they will expand as a result of the heat and cause splattering.

Use a fine piece of wire, or very thin wooden dowel to pierce the soy candle wax around the candle wick, this fills any air pockets. Repeat the process if problem continues.

My soy candle smokes when burning.

When your wick is to thick, the candle wax melts quicker than it can be consumed, causing the candle wick to start to burn. If this is not the cause, refer to troubleshooting in my scented soy candle book, tips, tricks, and techniques.

Test using a thinner candle wick.

My soy candle wax is running over the sides.

If your candle wick is to thin, the wax pool will not be consumed, causing wax to drip and overflow the sides of your soy candles.

Try using a thicker candle wick.

My candle wax is burning itself out.

Is your candlewick to short? Check the length of the candlewick. If you are trimming shorter than 1/4 “, the flame can be extinguished when the soy wax pools around the candlewick before it is consumed.

Cut your candlewick 1/4 inch in length.

Soy Wax Candles Surface Problems

Problems Causes Solutions

Why do my candles have pit marks?

The mold might have been dirty, The mold might have been moist.

The wax may have been poured into the mold too quickly.

Clean molds before use.                      Keep water out of the mold, and wax.

Pour wax slowly into molds.

The top of my soy candle is rough. What happened? Your wax was poured at the incorrect temperature. (Normally too hot.) Pour at the manufacturers recommended temperature.

Please help.  My candles are getting a small cavity near the wick.

As wax cools, it tends to shrink. When it is poured into the mold, the wax’s temperature will have a direct impact on how much the wax shrinks. The greater the variance in temperature between the room temp, and the wax temp, the greater the shrinkage will be.

I would suggest carefully monitoring the wax temperature, and letting it cool more before pouring it.

You can also top off candles that are not smooth across the top with a thin layer of melted wax.

My votive candles are cracking.  Recently I began making soy votive candles. 2 things, they are cracking across the top,

Soy wax is especially susceptible to cracking when it is exposed to rapid temperature changes.

When you pour the votives, are you putting them in a cold location to cool? Like outdoor, the garage, even the refridgerator or freezer?  If so, how long are you exposing them to the colder temperature?

Try to keep the time your candles are exposed to cold extremes to the absolute minimum, until they have completely cured at room temperature. After that, they won’t have the tendency to shrink. If you must expose the candles to cold, limit the time to 5- 10 minutes max. Just enough so you can get them to slide out of the molds.

Soy Candle Mold Problems

Problems Causes Solutions

Help, my soy candles are stuck in the mold.

Type: molded/poured candles

The candle mold was not completely filled.

Candle mold release was not used.

Mold release spray was not used. Click here to buy. If should always be used on new molds. If it still sticks and it is  completely cured, place it in the freezer to shrink the soy candle wax. Then try tapping it gently to loosen.
Should I heat my candle molds or candle containers before pouring the candle wax? It is not necessary. However, it  is recommended to ensure higher quality.

Scented Soy Candle Problems

Problems Causes Solutions

Help, my soy candles are turning a yellowish color when I make them. What am I doing wrong?

Your soy candle wax has burned.

If you keep melting soy candle wax in a liquid form over 150° F for extended periods of time, the candle wax burns.

Use a candle wax thermometer, and carefully monitor temperature of the melting wax. Immediately add soy candle wax dye when the manufacturer’s recommended temperature is reached, stir the dye in, and remove the soy wax before it burns.

My wax is not burning out to the edges of the candle container. What did I do wrong?

The candle wick selected is to small. Check the size of the wick to be used for the container chosen. Rewick the candle, and test your results.

General Questions About How To Make Soy Candles

Questions Answers
Can I microwave soy wax to make candles? Yes, but we do not recommend it.
Can I make novelty candles using soy candle wax? No.
Can I make taper candles using soy wax? No.
How do I make a Vegan Candle? Some candles contain stearic acid which is a product of animal part rendering. Those candles would be considered non-vegan. Soy Candle Wax is made from soy products.
Can you make pillar candles using soy wax? You must purchase a soy candle wax specifically designed to make pillar candles. It will not be all natural, because it will have to have som form of hardener.
Is it possible to mix fragrances to get new scents?

Yes, you can. You are only limited by your imagination, and what smells good.


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