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How to Make Scented Soy Candle Book Series

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My name is Debra!

Having an understanding of your environment, and how everything in it is intertwined, both good and bad, reminds me once again, we must do everything possible to protect our beautiful blue planet for future generations of our loved ones. Anytime we can produce, or promote the creation of an Eco-friendly product using any natural renewable resources we are helping our planet by “Going Green.”

Writing my own books on how to make soy wax candles was a natural progression in my personal growth. So I am happy to “finally” have the ability to share my knowledge about how to make scented soy candles with you.

Soy candle wax is a renewable wax produced from soybean oil rendered from soybeans.

Soy wax candles are environmentally friendly, and non-toxic…

If you are willing to maintain the purity of the candle wax by using all organic ingredients…

Not only that, we help support our American farmers who have raised our food for so many years, and seize another opportunity to reduce dependency on foreign oil by eliminating the use of petroleum based based paraffin wax.

To promote “critical thinking” about simple steps you can take when going green with all natural soy wax candles,  I have started writing articles, books, blog posts, even posting videos on YouTube to promote creative ideas on what you can do. You can breathe a breath of fresh air knowing you helped to clean up the air quality in your home, when you eliminated the burning of toxic petroleum based paraffin candles, which have been shown to produce toxic carcinogens are released as a byproduct.

Along the way I have realized some people desperately need to be shown low cost start up business opportunities. Developing any primary income, or even secondary incomes just to supplement rapidly declining standards of living has become critical in many situations.  My ability to help out by offering my method of how to develop one’s own personal home business income is an even bigger challenge for me RIGHT NOW. The soy candle business model can help people all over the world who are in dire straits and need to make income. Especially if they need to make money from home, and they are suffering because of the depressed economy like everyone is now. The concept of being able to reach out via the internet, and help people learn how to make money from home, helped to spawn the writing of my second book. How to Start a Candle Making Business from Home.” I tried to make sure it was chock full of so much vital information for you, I even included a long section on Steps to Create Your Own Business Plan.”

There are also additional ways you can start generating income using simple ideas like having candle displays at craft shows, home candle parties, even candles personalized for gift sales. There is a very profitable money making potential in the soy candle making industry. Right now, as a self motivated work from home entrepreneur you could be preparing to generate income and make money from home; before, during and after the next rapidly approaching holiday.

My dearest friend and mentor Carson Clark helped me bring my dream to fruition. No longer is it a dream to reach out to people and teach ways to make non-toxic, eco-friendly ways to make safe, scented soy wax candles. If you are reading this, it has become a reality.

Carson helped me learn everything he could teach me about website development so I could promote my e_book How to Make Soy Candles and Tea Lights.” As a result I will be able to continue building more sites promoting Eco-friendly methods, products, and ideas.  Carson, you are the “best” ! (Yes, he is open to referrals, just contact me.)

If you have as much when making your first candles, as I have over the years, then my website, Scented-Soy-Candles.com will have achieved what I hoped for. Have lots of fun making candles, sharing a romantic dinner by candlelight, or even hitting the books while you study with a little relaxing atmosphere!

Plus don’t forget hand made soy tea lights tucked into little sachet bags, make such lovely personal gifts for your friends for all occasions. I like tucking Lavender scented candles into the dresser drawers to keep everything smelling deliciously fresh.

I strive for your 100% satisfaction, so buy with confidence!

How to Make Scented Soy Candles and Tealights 4 E book Series

How to Make Scented Soy Candles and Tealights 4 E book Series

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