Androstenol, Androstenone, Copulins:         Male and Female Pheromones

Androstenol, androstenone, and copulins are Male and Female Pheromones that can be powerful sexual attractants towards each of  the opposite sexes.  For more information on each one, scroll down and keep reading then follow the links provided below for even more detailed information about each individual pheromone as they are talked about in much greater detail.  Information on pheromone products are also available in español.

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There are a number of ways you can create your very own unique selling proposition if you want to make money from home, and start up a highly successful home based scented soy candle business. One of the ideas you may want to consider is developing a very intimate, discreetly sold, marketable line of pheromone enhanced scented soy candle products. Imagine how the ladies and gents will be flocking to your door step before all of their romantically planned moments, dinners, holidays, even anniversaries over the course of the year. Imagine how they will be calling you to get their “special” candles made for all kinds of romantic moments. If making money is important to you, then this is a great way to develop a product line guaranteed to grow you a recurring customer base in a hurry. Personalizing your scented soy candles line even further on an individual basis can be further enhanced by good record keeping. Calling or dropping a friendly postcard, or email reminder before the date arrives to ask for special orders can make a significant increase in your profit margin.

If you are interested in more about how I used pheromones  in my scented soy candles please see my article titled, Valentine Pheromone Scented Soy Candles under Soy Candle Articles, or under the Cloud Tag Valentine’s Day Candles.

Believe it or not, the initial impression a woman has for a man, or the lack thereof, at times can be influenced by the role  pheromones play in her reception of the male as an individual.  Our nose receives the Chemosensory scent of a man, and the use of female attracting pheromones can favorably alter a man’s persona, or aura, which women unwittingly perceive and pick up on.

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The same goes for when a man sees a woman. Her personal attractiveness to him may be increased with the presence of pheromones even more than by her actual physical looks.   Once the individual aura a woman is projecting is received at the chemosensory level and a man’s interest is sparked, the attraction won’t require her to be a beauty queen, or even a movie star.

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Now you can see why I was interested in showing everyone how to make pheromone scented soy wax candles using both  male pheromones and female pheromones. In fact,  I will be VERY interested in comments about how you like the pheromone products if you use them to romantically enhance your own scented soy candles,  and whether you got a unique response when you burned those candles.   If you do post comments on the blog under any of my pheromone candle articles, I would appreciate it if you would keep the comments respectable so I can post them without editing since this is not an adult site. Thanks!

Research indicates this responsiveness may be what has been until now considered “good chemistry” between couples.  Perhaps this is what causes the feelings of joy during that initial impact  of the “crush”, perhaps even improving the feeling of compatibility, even charm and beauty, which sometimes leads people to wonder what that person sees in the other person. Are you looking for that little extra that will draw the love of your life closer to you? Then you will want to test out how your attractiveness is enhanced when wearing a male or female pheromone of your choice.

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Certain pheromone combination’s available at the linked site are even considered to be social confidence boosters, because they have the ability to improve a person’s appearance as a like-able personality. Whether it is because of reduced social nervousness, or just improved vibes moods projected do appear to be more positively projected, influencing acceptance and approval of a person.

Names of primary pheromones are androstenone, androstenol , and copulins are pheromones you will want to consider when supplementing your scented soy candles for those romantic moments in the home.

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